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26 Aug, 2020

SHERPA™: Systematic HLA Epitope Ranking Pan Algorithm

HLA binding is currently the most well-established criteria for ranking neoantigen candidates. Recent advances in training data generated from mass spectrometry provide a larger dataset of peptide binders and non-binders for individual HLA alleles. This new binding data takes two important additional components into consideration: cleavage and transportation, which are critically important for presentation assessment. [...]

26 Aug, 2020

Neoantigen Discovery

NeoantigenID Technologies for neoantigen discovery are critical for the development of personalized cancer therapies and neoantigen-based biomarkers. Precision neoantigen discovery entails comprehensive detection of tumor-specific genomic variants and accurate prediction of MHC presentation of epitopes originating from such variants. Our ImmunoID NeXT Platform® enables a comprehensive survey of putative neoantigens by combining highly sensitive exome- [...]

2 Aug, 2020

Next Features

Deep Sequencing ~2,000X mean coverage across the entire ~20,000-gene DNA footprint, as well as boosted ~5,000 mean coverage across ~247 cancer-related genes to deliver enhanced sensitivity. Augmented Coverage NeXT Liquid Biopsy utilizes our proprietary ACE Technology to provide augmented coverage of difficult-to-sequence gene regions across the entire ~20,000-gene footprint. Advanced Error Suppression Our robust variant [...]

2 Aug, 2020

NeXT Liquid Biopsy

NeXT Liquid Biopsy™ It’s Time to Think About More. High-Performance Whole Exome Sequencing from Plasma. Highlights Comprehensively profile the tumor, exome-wide Combined with ImmunoID NeXT™, assess tumor heterogeneity, monitor response to therapy, and interrogate mechanisms of resistance Profile with ImmunoID NeXT, Monitor with NeXT Liquid Biopsy Leverage somatic variant [...]

17 Apr, 2020

Stephen Moore, JD

Stephen Moore joined Personalis as General Counsel in April 2020, with more than twenty years in-house legal experience at advanced genomics companies. Prior to joining Personalis, he was General Counsel at Pacific Biosciences, a publicly listed company and pioneer in the field of single molecule, long read DNA sequencing, where he worked for over a [...]

13 Mar, 2020

Whole Genome Sequencing

In recent years, the declining cost of NGS has resulted in the increased use of broad genomic characterization approaches, including whole genome sequencing (WGS), for various research applications. This cost reduction has coincided with researchers’ need for more comprehensive molecular information in the disease areas of cardiology, endocrinology, rare disease, autoimmunity, and ever-increasingly, cancer. WGS [...]

13 Mar, 2020

miRNA Sequencing

Micro RNAs (miRNAs) are a small non-coding type of RNA molecule (18-40 nucleotides in length) that play a functional role in the regulation of RNA silencing and post-transcriptional gene expression. miRNA-Seq enables the investigation of the function of small RNAs and the evaluation of regulatory networks of miRNAs and their target genes. Technical Details Sequencing [...]

13 Mar, 2020

Targeted Cancer Panels

ACE Extended Cancer Panel for DNA The ACE Extended Cancer Panel covers a core set of >1,400 cancer-related genes, including clinically-actionable* genes as well as genes that have been identified in the literature as having a role to play in tumorigenesis. The panel provides deep and uniform coverage of genes associated with functional pathways that are [...]

13 Mar, 2020

Transcriptome Sequencing

ACE Research Transcriptome The same accuracy and coverage enhancements of the ACE Research Exome (see above) are also incorporated into RNA analysis using our unique ACE Research Transcriptome enrichment protocol. Many clinical studies depend on tissue archives that have been fixed using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) procedures. This preservation process makes it difficult to obtain a [...]

13 Mar, 2020

Exome Sequencing

ACE Research Exome Using our patented Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) Technology, the ACE Research Exome outperforms conventional exome assays by augmenting coverage across intronic and difficult-to-sequence regions (including regions of high-GC content) of >8,000 biomedically-important genes, including >1,400 cancer-related genes. The application of this technology ensures the delivery of more complete and uniform coverage of [...]

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