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20 Jun, 2019

A. Blaine Bowman

Mr. Bowman has served on our board of directors since May 2019. Beginning in 2006, Mr. Bowman served on the board of directors of Solexa, Inc., a DNA sequencing company, until its sale to Illumina, Inc., a biotechnology company, after which Mr. Bowman continued to serve on the board of directors until May 2018. From March 1977 to August 2005, [...]

13 Mar, 2018


ImmunogenomicsID™ Comprehensive immunogenomic characterization ImmunogenomicsID™, the latest analytics component of the ACE ImmunoID platform, summarizes critical areas of tumor biology such as the antigen processing machinery (APM), human leukocyte antigens (HLA), checkpoint modulation, and tumor escape. ImmunogenomicsID combines exome and transcriptome sequencing data from a paired tumor and normal [...]

6 Nov, 2017

Stephane Mouradian, PhD

Stephane leads the Business Development team at Personalis. Previously, Stephane was at Illumina where he led Illumina’s companion diagnostic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in oncology, the international expansion of NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing) and Illumina’s venture investments in start-ups such as Twist (synthetic biology) and Boreal Genomics (liquid biopsy), for which he served as [...]

30 Oct, 2017

The Fight Against Cancer: Neoantigens, Tumor Escape and the Tumor Microenvironment

The Fight Against Cancer: Neoantigens, Tumor Escape and the Tumor Microenvironment A conversation with JOHN WEST, CEO of Personalis, Inc. in Menlo, Park, California Nature, October 26, 2017 Tumours may be initiated by mutations in their driver genes, but their clinical outcomes are strongly influenced by the battle between [...]

30 Oct, 2017

Getting cancer vaccines right: Key challenges and solutions for neoantigen identification

Getting cancer vaccines right: Key challenges and solutions for neoantigen identification A conversation with Richard Chen, MD, CSO of Personalis, Inc. in Menlo, Park, California FierceBiotech, June 26, 2017 The promise of neoantigen-based cancer vaccines Neoantigen-based cancer vaccines represent new, truly personalized therapeutic approaches to treating cancer. The development [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Neoantigen Discovery

We use machine learning and neural networks to provide you with advanced analytics to better inform your discovery and translational research programs. Leveraging our enhanced exome and transcriptome, we’ve applied these assays for deeper bioinformatics analysis to accurately predict neoantigens.  Using neoantigens as a predictor for determining likelihood of response to immunotherapies is one exciting [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Better RNA, Even from Challenging Samples

Many clinical studies depend on tissue archives that have been fixed using FFPE procedures. This preservation process makes it difficult to obtain a pure sample and often leads to RNA degradation. To overcome this challenge, Personalis has developed an exome-capture transcriptome protocol based on our ACE Technology that allows us to produce high-quality transcriptome sequencing [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Advancing the accuracy of MHC binding prediction

HLA binding is currently the most well-established criteria for ranking neoantigen candidates. Recent advances in training data generated from mass spectrometry, provide a larger dataset of peptide binders and non-binders for individual HLA alleles. This new binding data takes two important additional components into consideration: cleavage and transportation, which are critically important for presentation assessment. We leverage [...]