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5 Oct, 2017

Advancing the accuracy of MHC binding prediction

HLA binding is currently the most well-established criteria for ranking neoantigen candidates. Recent advances in training data generated from mass spectrometry, provide a larger dataset of peptide binders and non-binders for individual HLA alleles. This new binding data takes two important additional components into consideration: cleavage and transportation, which are critically important for presentation assessment. We leverage [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Immunogenomics Engine

We use machine learning and neural networks to provide you with advanced analytics to better inform your discovery and translational research programs. ImmunogenomicsID guides the investigation of critical immuno-oncology genes with information including expression, variant effect impact, and DNA/RNA allelic fractions.  Unlike targeted therapies, there tends to be general agreement that it is unlikely that [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Reliable Delivery Powered by Advanced Technology

Our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified Laboratory is equipped with robots for efficient scale up, our custom Genomics Workflow Management System, Symphony, and the latest technology including Illumina NovaSeq Instruments to ensure your projects are delivered with reliable high quality and rapid timelines. Arrival: ACE ImmunoID requires paired tumor/normal analysis. The moment samples arrive at our CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory, [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Unlock the power of DNA

Powered by our ACE Technology, our DNA Assays provide more uniform coverage at high depths than standard assays. Specifically, the ACE Cancer Exome outperforms conventional exome assays by enhances coverage across coding regions and supplementing more complex areas in the genomic architecture such as GC-rich content. The Personalis solution  provides targeted sequencing to augment coverage [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Better NGS data starts with better processes

Our patented ACE™ (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) Technology is the foundation of ACE ImmunoID and all Personalis products. ACE improves processes from nucleic acid preparation, to sequencing, to analytics for superior sequencing results. Nucleic Acid Extraction and Sample Preparation Personalis has developed protocols to overcome the challenges of working with difficult samples including FFPE, FNAs, [...]

5 Oct, 2017

Technology Overview

A Culture of Rigorous Innovation We’re always striving to do better and build solutions that accelerate the discovery of new biomarkers, and the development and commercialization of next-gen cancer immunotherapies. From improved processes, to advanced assays and analytics, to investing in the latest technology to help scale efficiently, we’re helping biopharma harness the power of [...]

2 Oct, 2017

Biomarker Discovery Solutions

Biomarker Discovery Solutions ACE ImmunoID Platform for Tumor Immunogenomics When one biomarker doesn’t tell the whole story Understanding response to cancer immunotherapies involves examining the interaction between mechanisms of tumor escape, the tumor microenvironment, and neoantigens. Gaining these molecular insights often requires analyzing data sourced from multiple platforms [...]

1 Oct, 2017

Genomics Solutions for Neoantigen Vaccines

Genomics Solutions for Neoantigen Vaccines Getting neoantigen vaccines right The first step of developing personalized cancer vaccines is the identification of patient-specific neoantigens. These peptides can arise from anywhere in the genome, and methods for predicting which of these peptides will result in an efficacious vaccine are in early [...]

5 Sep, 2017

Xavier Paliard Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Xavier Paliard joined Personalis in July 2017 as Vice President Immunology, Research & Development where he leads the strategy as well as R&D in the area of personalized cancer vaccines and other personalized therapeutic opportunities. He has over 25 years of experience in Research & Development of vaccines, biologics and small molecules across an array [...]

31 Aug, 2017

Lloyd Hsu

Lloyd Hsu joined Personalis in May 2015 as VP of Software Engineering. Mr. Hsu owns and drives all aspects of software development, architecture and strategy. Mr. Hsu also leads the IT department and is responsible for ensuring the IT infrastructure aligns with Personalis’ business strategy. Prior to this role, Mr. Hsu spent 4 years as [...]