The ACE ImmunoID Platform combines the ACE Cancer Exome and ACE Cancer Transcriptome assays to enable broad tumor immunogenomic characterization.

ACE ImmunoID includes comprehensive bioinformatics reporting, provided for both DNA and RNA, utilizing our robust somatic pipelines. The platform can be further customized based on your unique research and project needs by using NeoantigenID to enable neoantigen identification, and/or ImmunogenomicsID for the assessment of tumor immunogenomics in critical genes, providing information including expression, variant effect impact, and DNA/RNA allelic fractions.

Technical Details
Assay ConfigurationACE Cancer Exome and ACE Cancer Transcriptome
Sequencing depthDNA: ≥200x (tumor)/≥70x (normal)
RNA: 100M total reads (tumor)
Sensitivity*99% SNV
>94% indel
Sample sourceFFPE, fresh frozen, fine needle aspirates, PBMCs
Analysis configurationPaired tumor and normal only
*20% Mean Allelic Frequency