The ACE Extended Cancer Panel covers a core set of over 1,400 cancer-related genes including clinically actionable* genes and genes that have been identified in the literature. It provides robust coverage of gene pathways and functions known to be involved in cancer biology and can be used to identify SNVs, indels, and copy number alterations. The accuracy of the ACE Extended Cancer Panel has been enhanced by augmenting and repairing coverage gaps, especially in regions with high-GC content. This approach results in the characterization of genes with more complete coverage.

*Genes referred to here as being clinically actionable reflects the fact that the efficacy of cancer drugs, FDA approved or in clinical trials, are thought to be modulated by variants in these genes. This does not imply that this panel is for clinical use – it is a Research Use Only service.

Technical Details
Genes covered>1,400
Depth of sequencing>500x
Assay sensitivity>99%
Assay specificity (PPA)>99%
Sample sourceFFPE, fresh frozen, fine needle aspirates, PBMCs
Analysis configurationTumor only or paired tumor and normal
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