The same accuracy and coverage enhancements demonstrated by the ACE Cancer Research Exome (see above) are also incorporated into RNA analysis using our ACE Cancer Research Transcriptome enrichment protocol.

Many clinical studies depend on tissue archives that have been fixed using FFPE procedures. This preservation process makes it difficult to obtain a pure sample and often leads to RNA degradation. To overcome this challenge, Personalis has developed an exome-capture transcriptome protocol based on our ACE Technology that allows us to produce high-quality transcriptome sequencing results from challenging FFPE samples.

Key features:
  • Multiple probes target each transcript, capturing transcripts even when the poly-A tail is lost due to RNA degradation, making it ideal for cancer FFPE samples.
  • Sequencing protocol demonstrates that >95% of the bases are mapped within the coding and UTR regions of the RNA.
  • Fusion detection and gene expression analysis.
  • Sample sparing protocols for all cancer sample types, including challenging sample types such as FFPE, fresh frozen, FNAs, and PBMCs.
Technical Details
Genes covered>20,000
Genes augmented>8,000 biomedically important genes, including >1,400 cancer-related genes
Sequencing configurationPaired-end 2×125 bp
Sample sourceFFPE, fresh frozen, fine needle aspirates, PBMC
Analysis configurationTumor only
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