2022 AACR: Applying NeXT Liquid Biopsy™, an exome-scale platform, to monitor and discover somatic variants in a broad set of cancer types


Circulating tumor cell-free DNA (ctDNA) has become a biomarker for prognosis and disease monitoring. However, studies typically utilize assays limited to a small set of genes that may miss biologically important and clinically actionable mutations. To address this limitation, we have developed a whole-exome scale cfDNA platform, NeXT Liquid Biopsy, that enables sensitive detection and tracking of somatic mutations in plasma samples across ~20,000 genes. The NeXT Liquid Biopsy platform monitors tumor variants and discovers novel mutations in the plasma, through analysis of tumor, normal and plasma samples from the same patient. The NeXT Liquid Biopsy platform enables the identification of somatic variants in liquid biopsy samples, following interventions such as surgery and treatment therapies. Here, we have applied NeXT Liquid Biopsy to profile the shedding of somatic mutations from more than 100 pan-cancer patients on an exome scale, detecting variants in well-characterized cancer driver genes and many events outside of traditional panel footprints.