2022 AACR: Accurate quantification of infiltrating B cell composition and clone diversity in tumor samples


The role of B cells as a prognostic biomarker remains elusive. For instance, infiltrating B cells in colorectal cancer have both positive and negative prognostic value. Thus, a scalable approach to quantify B cells and the B-cell receptor repertoire could yield novel insights into the role of B cells in tumor biology. To address this, we have developed immune cell quantification (InfiltrateID™) and immune receptor repertoire profiling (RepertoireID™) methods as part of the ImmunoID NeXT Platform®, an augmented, immuno-oncology-optimized exome/transcriptome platform. We show that InfiltrateID and RepertoireID accurately capture the composition and clone diversity of infiltrating B cells in tumor samples. Furthermore, we apply the two methods to explore B cell infiltration and BCR repertoires across a set of more than 650 pan-cancer samples.