2021 SITC Online Sponsored Symposium | November 12, 2021
Leveraging comprehensive genomic data for diagnostic capabilities and composite biomarker discovery in immunotherapy

Erin Newburn, PhD

Erin Newburn, MS, PhD
Director, Field Application Scientist
Personalis, Inc.

  • To enable the identification of composite biomarkers that combine tumor- and immune-related information from both DNA and RNA, we have developed the Personalis NeXT platform.
  • By utilizing the expansive feature set, individual analytes can be combined to construct composite biomarker scores that correlate with immunotherapy response.
  • In a cohort of 51 late-stage melanoma patients, the integration of neoantigen burden, HLA LOH, and APM mutational data formed a neoantigen-based composite neoantigen (NEOPS) that more accurately predicted response to checkpoint blockade than other markers such as TMB.
  • The platform has been analytically validated and optimized for use with limited FFPE tissue samples, making it ideal for both research and clinical applications.