2021 AACR: Profiling tumor-infiltrating immune cells using an augmented transcriptome

Due to the complexity of tumor-immune interactions, comprehensive profiling of both the tumor and tumor microenvironment (TME) can help further our understanding of tumor progression and response to treatment. One significant application is quantification of the immune infiltrate, which has the potential to characterize response to checkpoint blockade therapy1. While common experimental approaches exist to profile tumor infiltrating immune cells, they can have significant practical limitations. Instead, RNA sequencing can be used to comprehensively profile the immune composition of the TME in a scalable way. To address this, we have developed an approach to quantify eight immune cell types in tumor samples, and compare it to quantification by orthogonal methods.

Comprehensive tumor and immune profiling with the ImmunoID NeXT Platform®

To address the challenge of providing characterization of both the tumor and TME, we have developed the ImmunoID NeXT Platform, an augmented, immuno-oncology-optimized exome/transcriptome platform designed to provide comprehensive information from a single FFPE tumor sample.