2020 SITC: B-cell receptor heavy chain repertoire profiling using an augmented transcriptome

Comprehensively profiling the tumor and tumor microenvironment (TME) can help provide a more complete view of the complex interactions between the tumor and immune system, potentially furthering our understanding of tumor progression and response to treatment. We have developed an augmented, immuno-oncology-optimized exome/transcriptome platform, ImmunoID NeXT™, which provides a comprehensive view of the tumor and TME from limited FFPE tumor biopsies. Studies have indicated that tumor-infiltrating B cells can have both pro- and anti-tumor effects depending on their phenotypes, and that characterization of the B cell infiltrate can be a prognostic factor1. In addition to previous work demonstrating the ability to profile the T-cell receptor (TCR) ⍺ and β chains, we have now added the ability to profile the B-cell receptor (BCR) heavy chain (IGH). We show here that ImmunoID NeXT is able to accurately and reproducibly profile abundant B-cell clones, as well as provide information on the diversity of B-cells in tumor samples.

To address the challenge of providing characterization of both the tumor and TME, we have developed the ImmunoID NeXT Platform®, an augmented, immuno-oncology-optimized exome/transcriptome platform designed to provide comprehensive information from a single FFPE tumor sample.