2020 EACR Liquid Biopsies: Sensitive detection and monitoring of genetic alterations in circulating cfDNA with an enhanced whole-exome approach

The analysis of tumors using circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is beginning to transform cancer diagnosis, prognosis, response to therapy and to enable disease progression monitoring. Most cfDNA assays are centered around the identification of therapeutically actionable mutations and only cover a limited number of genes, and as such cannot inform on all genetic alterations present in the tumors. To address this, we have developed a whole-exome scale cfDNA platform, NeXT Liquid Biopsy™, that enables sensitive detection and tracking of mutations in approximately 20,000 genes. The NeXT LB platform generates comprehensive sequencing data derived from the cfDNA (plasma), the tumor (e.g. FFPE) and the patient’s germline (e.g. blood cells), and therefore enable to closely discover and monitor clonal and subclonal evolution of mutations in plasma, and novel genetic mutations following surgery, and/or treatment therapies.