2020 AACR: A Pan-Cancer Characterization of Both the Tumor and Micro Environment Highlights the Importance of an Integrated Approach for Immuno-Oncology

A better understanding of the characteristics of cancer across different indications is required to drive the development of personalized treatments, inform therapy decisions, and improve outcomes. Integrating data from the tumor and the immune system can enable the identification of comprehensive biological signatures and composite biomarkers for the improved stratification of responders/progressors. Here, we describe a pan-cancer study, including an enhanced whole-exome and transcriptome sequencing approach, across over 700 samples representing 14 tumor types, analyzed at high depth using the ImmunoID NeXT Platform®.

We sequenced paired tumor-normal samples on the ImmunoID NeXT Platform, an enhanced exome/transcriptome-based platform that can simultaneously profile the tumor and immune microenvironment from a single FFPE sample, across all of the approximately 20,000 genes. For each sample, we analyzed a broad set of features focused on both the tumor and immune system. From DNA, we profiled small variants, CNAs, MSI status, oncoviruses, HLA LOH, and neoantigens. From RNA, we profiled gene expression, small variants, fusions, TILs, TCR, BCR, and immune signatures.