2019 AACR: T-cell receptor repertoire profiling using an augmented transcriptome

Immunotherapy is growing as one of the most promising therapeutic approaches in clinical oncology practice. This brings with it an increasing need for comprehensive immuno-genomic profiling of tumors to better understand the interaction with the immune system. This includes profiling of the T and B-cell receptor repertoires (TCR/BCR), which has traditionally not been feasible with an exome/transcriptome platform.

To address these challenges, we developed ImmunoID NeXT, an augmented, immuno-oncology optimized exome/transcriptome platform designed to provide comprehensive information regarding the tumor and tumor microenvironment (TME) from limited FFPE tumor biopsies, including the TCR a, b, g, d, and BCR heavy and light chains. We show how this platform accurately profiles abundant clones, and can be applied to understand the diversity and activity of the adaptive immune system.