2019 AACR: A comprehensive, highly accurate genomics platform for precision immunotherapy: Simultaneously characterize tumors and the TME from a single FFPE sample

While the success of checkpoint blockade has been hugely promising, it’s increasingly apparent that predicting response to immunotherapies and developing new ones requires a more comprehensive approach to tumor immunogenomic profiling. We believe this is necessary for identifying new biomarker signatures that can effectively stratify responders and non-responders, in addition to understanding mechanisms of tumor resistance and guiding the rational design of personalized cancer therapeutics. Traditionally, generating information relating to multiple, potential biomarkers of interest has necessitated the use of several assay technologies from various sources. This is not only impractical given the often limited quantity of precious patient samples, but such a process also introduces complexities associated with the integration and interpretation of disparate reporting formats and can be prohibitively costly.

Here, we present our solution to these barriers, the ImmunoID NeXT Platform™.