2018 AACR: Deconvolution of diverse immune cell populations within tumors using ACE Transcriptome

Comprehensive tumor immuno-genomic characterization is becoming an important tool for identifying new biomarkers correlated with patient response to immunotherapy. Both the abundance and composition of tumor-infiltrating immune cells have been associated with tumor progression and patient outcome. There is interest in using an accurate computational method leveraging NGS data to more comprehensively profile the abundances of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment. Through the use of marker genes that are expressed in a cell type specific manner, it is possible to computationally predict the abundances of multiple cell types in a mixed sample. We have used the ACE Cancer Transcriptome, from the ACE ImmunoID platform, to produce high-quality gene expression profiles of purified immune cells representing many lineages. These profiles were used to create reference signatures of immune cell type specific genes, enabling quantification of their cellular abundances.