Sample Types and Requirements

Sample type flexibility and minimum input requirements

Sample Types & Requirements 2016-12-03T06:24:00+00:00

Sample Type and Requirements

For HUMAN genomic data only – we accept both biological samples and existing sequence data.

Biological Samplesthmb_sample

  • Genomic DNA
  • Cell culture
  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Buccal swabs
  • Fresh frozen tissue
  • Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) blocks or slides
Please contact us for guidance on minimum sample requirements, and for sample shipment procedures.

Residual biological material can be returned, destroyed, or preserved at Personalis for future analysis.

Sequence Data

Personalis accepts sequence data on portable USB hard drives. We generally work from RAW data, either FASTQ or BAM files.

Ethical Guidelines

Personalis laboratory is CLIA-licensed by the state of California and Florida, enabling us to offer CLIA sequencing, analysis, and documentation for research studies for which this is desired. Our lab is also CAP-accredited. For studies where we perceive our involvement to constitute human subjects research, we work with an independent commercial IRB and can also work with a customer’s IRB if appropriate.