Research Services Deliverables

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Research Deliverables

The typical deliverables for each component of Personalis Research Services are detailed below.


In the interactive dashboard, compare samples statistics via heatmap, sparkline, value, or in a graph. Users can click the sample name to view detailed statistics.


  • Individual statistics and QC report summary for each exome and genome
  • Multi-sample statistics and QC report summary across all exomes and genomes
  • FASTQ files

Analysis: Variant Calling

  • Aligned BAM file
  • VCF file containing SNV and indel calls
  • GFF files containing SV calls (genome only)

Analysis: Variant Annotation

  • Variant annotation report, including annotations from more than 40 databases
Our deliverables, and the underlying content and methods, are described in more detail throughout the site.

NOTE:Deliverables for each customer are defined in the Statement of Work, which can be customized for each project.


Graphs and interactive tables help users understand the process and results.