Personalis, Inc. provides researchers and clinicians accurate DNA sequencing and interpretation of human exomes and genomes. We support researchers engaging in case-control, family-based, or proband-only genomic studies of disease, pharmacogenomics, and cancer. Our ACE (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) Technology supplements a standard exome or genome, substantially increasing its medically-relevant coverage and accuracy. Personalis builds on this enhanced sequencing foundation with innovative algorithms and proprietary databases for alignment, variant calling, annotation, and analysis. Through this comprehensive approach, we provide genomic data and interpretation of the highest accuracy. Our in-house laboratory is CLIA-licensed by the state board of California, Florida, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, and is CAP-accredited.

“Personalis” is Latin for “Personal”. Human genome sequences contain substantial personal medical information, which can be useful either for research or, increasingly, clinical practice.

In mid-2009, Illumina® introduced its Individual Genome Sequencing service. Mr. West (now our CEO), his wife and two children signed up and were the first family of four to be sequenced by Illumina. Mr. West’s genome data was made public by submission to NCBI, and he joined the Harvard Personal Genome project. At about that time, a team at Stanford published a landmark paper “Clinical Assessment Incorporating a Personal Genome” (Lancet, May 1, 2010). The Wests began collaboration with this Stanford team to apply those techniques to their genome data, and to advance the techniques by leveraging the power of a family data set. Initial results from this collaboration were published on-line in PLoS Genetics on Sept 15, 2011. Four Stanford faculty members led this effort:Dr. Euan Ashley, Dr. Atul Butte, Dr. Russ Altman, and Dr. Michael Snyder. Along with Mr. West, the Stanford team realized the demand for this type of analysis could grow exponentially – Personalis was founded.