Ken Ludlum | Chairman, Personalis Audit Committee and Chief Financial Officer of CareDx, Inc.

Ken Ludlum, Chairman of the Audit Committee at Personalis, has 25 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer of medical device, biotechnology and molecular diagnostic companies. He has served as Audit Committee Chair of three publicly traded medical companies, and has handled IPOs, acquisitions, buyouts and fast revenue growth as both CFO and as a Board member.
Ken Ludlum is Chairman of the Audit Committee at Personalis and serves as Chief Financial Officer of CareDx, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company. Ken led the initial public offering of CareDx in 2014. Prior to that Ken has been the CFO or CEO of medical device companies and biotechnology companies and has handled several other IPOs, acquisitions or buyouts. He has served as Chairman of Audit Committees for two other publicly traded companies and several private companies, including public companies that went through initial public offerings, that were acquired, or that grew 10x in revenues and market value over the years.

Prior to 25 years in operating positions, he spent 10 years as an investment banker, primarily with Montgomery Securities. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Lehigh University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.