ACE Clinical Exome™ Test

Order Information and Sample Logistics

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When submitting samples, please make sure to complete all necessary forms and information as we will be unable to begin processing your samples until all information has been received.

To order the ACE Clinical Exome Test or a site-specific follow-up test the following is needed:

  •  A health care provider to order the test (e.g., geneticist or genetic counselor).  A patient cannot order a genetic test for him/herself.
  • Determination of how payment for the test will be made – see Methods of Payment.
  • Completed requisition form for each person supplying a sample – Download Forms.
  • Signed consent form for each person supplying a sample – Download Forms.
  • Sample(s) of blood, saliva, or DNA – see Sample Types and Shipping Information.
  • Medical records, clinic notes, and/or pedigree.
  • Copies of all paperwork retained in office.

Exome Sequencing Consultation

If you would like assistance in determining if the ACE Clinical Exome Test is appropriate for your patient, you may contact us by by calling 650-752-1349, or by emailing us at  Please use a secure email system if transmitting any protected health information (PHI).

Methods of Payment

Personalis, Inc. offers several billing options for our clients and their patients; however, we do not bill insurance companies and are unable to begin testing without accurate billing information.

Institutional Billing

Personalis, Inc. will bill the referring institution. First time ordering institutions will be contacted upon sample/requisition form* receipt to confirm billing options prior to beginning processing of the sample. For further assistance or information regarding institutional billing and payment options, please contact Justin Stuhaan at 650-752-1315 or

*Please include the institution name, address, billing contact person, and phone number on the requisition form. Personalis, Inc. accepts checks (payable to Personalis, Inc.) and wire transfers.

Pre-Payment/Patient Pay

For direct patient billing, payment must be received before testing can begin. Personalis, Inc. accepts checks (payable to Personalis, Inc.), credit cards and wire transfers. If you have questions about other forms of pre-payment, please contact Justin Stuhaan at 650-752-1315 or

Test Requisition and Consent Forms

Requisition Forms

Consent Forms

Sample Types

Clinical samples that may be submitted (Request a collection kit in the sidebar on the right):

Clinical Sample Types
Type Specification
Whole Blood EDTA (2-5mL in lavender top tube)
Saliva Collected using an Oragene kit version OGD-500
Isolated DNA A minimum of 2 ug with a concentration of at at least 20 ng/uL of passing metric extracted DNA using Qubit or similar (NanoDrop readings not accepted)

For questions, please contact the Personalis Clinical Operations Team (650-752-1349 or

Shipping Information

Patient and family member samples should be submitted in appropriate shipping containers with three unique identifiers matching between the requisition form and the sample.  Fill out the Request a Kit form (in the sidebar on the right) to request that a sample collection kit be provided to you.

Multiple samples may be included in the same package, but they should be in separate plastic bags with the corresponding requisition form included in the bag with each sample.  If it is not possible to include all samples for testing in one package, please ensure that:

  1. All samples being submitted for analysis are noted on the proband requisition form, and
  2. All samples sent separately are labeled appropriately and packaged with the corresponding requisition form.

Please send all samples with their appropriate forms to:

Personalis Clinical Laboratory
1330 O’Brien Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025