Tumor Profiling Services

for Clinical Trials

Comprehensive coverage, tailored results

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Comprehensive Coverage, Tailored Results

Personalis Tumor Genomic Profiling Services for Clinical Trials is the first to address both clinical and translational research needs in a single offering.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Protocol minimizes use of precious samples
  • More coverage of key cancer pathway genes
  • Greater accuracy with ACE technology
  • Alterations reported include SNVs, CNVs, gene fusions and low-level variant expression
  • Comprehensive analysis with flexible reporting of the complete panel or a focused set of genes, depending on your requirements

Why We’re Better

We designed our Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) platform for tumor profiling to provide the most complete genomic data from any tumor sample type. Our cancer panel includes coverage of over 1,300 genes, including clinically actionable genes, known driver mutations, immuno-oncology and key cancer pathway genes. Our service is tailored to address the needs of your clinical trial enrollment requirements while simultaneously making a broader research dataset available. As a result, we maximize the return on every tumor sample.

What Differentiates Us

Personalis’ portfolio of cancer products for clinical trials is based on several foundational innovations that span sample prep, sequencing, analysis and reporting steps to provide the most comprehensive characterization of your samples. These innovations make it the most advanced service designed for clinical trials of targeted therapeutics as well as biomarker research.

Personalis ACE Cancer DNA and RNA panel for clinical trials is based on our Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) Technology. The accuracy of our ACE Cancer Panel has been enhanced over standard NGS panel approaches by augmenting and repairing coverage gaps, especially in targeted regions with high-GC content. The result is genes with more accurate and complete coverage.

For clinical research purposes, Personalis additionally offers the Personalis ACE Exome for Cancer Research and the Personalis Whole Transcriptome for Cancer Research.

Tailored service to meet your specific requirements

We can perform tumor analysis from a variety of sample types including FFPE and fresh frozen tissue. From our comprehensive cancer panel, we can provide both a focused clinical report for your genes/variants of interest and a set of comprehensive research reports including raw data files.

For cancer projects, many studies utilize tissue archives that have been fixed using FFPE procedures. FFPE induces protein–protein and protein–nucleic acid crosslinking, making it difficult to separate DNA from histones and to obtain a pure sample. This process can also lead to DNA fragmentation. Personalis scientists have optimized extraction methodologies for challenging cancer samples to achieve successful results. In addition to FFPE samples we also accept fresh frozen tissue, blood, DNA and RNA samples.

Validated processes that meet the highest quality and regulatory standards

We have a rigorous focus on accuracy, quality, data security and traceability. We have built processes into our clinical laboratory that go beyond the licensing and accreditation requirements of CLIA and CAP. The highest standards of quality are met through a rigorous, comprehensive, and integrated quality system that includes assay development, validation, process documentation and staff training.