ACE Services for

Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

with Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) Technology

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Tumor Analysis for Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

Enhanced coverage of over 1,400 cancer-related genes and over 200 miRNA genes, as well as coverage of intronic and intergenic variants associated with cancer, cell cycle regulation, pharmacogenetics, and includes augmentation of over 8,000 biomedically important genes

For Cancer Research Studies, We…

  • Support a wide variety of sequencing methodologies, including targeted high-depth sequencing, exome sequencing and RNA-Seq
  • Enhance DNA sequencing coverage using ACE Technology
  • Accept a variety of sample types, including Formalin-Fixed-Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples and Fine Needle Aspirates (FNAs)
  • Perform paired tumor/normal AND tumor-only analyses
  • Provide broad analysis including somatic small variant and
    indel calling, CNV analysis, fusion junction calling, and gene expression profiling, as well as germline small variant calling and annotation
  • Enhance interpretation by providing detailed annotation, including structural and functional information from over 40 public and proprietary databases including COSMIC, Cancer Gene Census, The Cancer Genome Atlas and PharmGKB™

Broad Services for Cancer Research

»  ACE Extended Cancer Panel for DNA Analysis

With more than 1,400 cancer genes and more than 200 miRNA genes, the panel provides more coverage of gene pathways and functions known to be involved in cancer biology than any other commercially available panel

»  ACE Extended Cancer Panel for RNA Analysis

Analyze RNA from the same sample to detect variant types not detected by DNA analysis alone, with deep coverage of cancer-related transcripts

»  ACE Exome for Cancer Research

Accuracy and Content Enhanced Whole Exome and Analysis, with more than 8,000 biomedical genes enhanced, including enhanced coverage of more than 1,400 cancer genes (ideal for discovery research)

»  Whole Transcriptome for Cancer Research

Perform RNA analysis on the same sample with high depth whole transcriptome analysis to identify novel gene fusion events

»  Cancer Analysis and Annotation

Sample Types
For tumor/normal projects, many studies utilize tissue archives that have been fixed using FFPE procedures. FFPE induces protein–protein and protein–nucleic acid crosslinking, making it difficult to separate DNA from histones and to obtain a pure sample. This process can also lead to DNA fragmentation. Personalis scientists have optimized extraction methodologies for challenging cancer samples to achieve successful results. In addition to FFPE sample we also accept fresh frozen tissue, blood, FNAs, DNA, and RNA samples.

Sample Preparation Guides for Cancer Services

Sample Types (click the links below to download the PDF file)
»  for BLOOD
»  for FFPE
»  for Fresh Frozen
»  for DNA and RNA