ACE CancerPlus™ Test

Comprehensive Genomic Tumor Profiling Test

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The ACE CancerPlus™ Test

ACE proprietary methods for improving sequencing in difficult regions
Analysis of DNA and RNA from the same sample
World-class clinical interpretation and medical review


ACE CancerPlus Test

The Personalis ACE CancerPlus Test provides clinicians with a comprehensive and accurate next generation sequencing-based testing solution for solid tumors. The accuracy of our ACE CancerPlus assay has also been enhanced over standard NGS panel approaches by augmenting and repairing coverage gaps, especially in targeted regions with high-GC content. The ACE CancerPlus Test enables focused clinical reporting on 181 genes that are analyzed for base substitutions, indels, and gene fusions. Test results are provided to clinicians in hard copy and PDF format and describes clinically important genomic alterations and potentially relevant therapies and clinical trials.

When to Order the ACE CancerPlus Test

The ACE CancerPlus Test is for analysis of solid tumors. The results are returned as a clinical report to the ordering physician. Turn-around time is approximately three weeks from sample receipt.

Cancer Panel Sequencing Consultation

If you would like assistance in determining if the ACE CancerPlus Test is appropriate for your patient, you may contact us by calling 650-752-1349, or by emailing us at Please use a secure email system if transmitting any protected health information (PHI).

To order the ACE CancerPlus Test the following is required:

  •  Available in the United States and Canada Only
  •  A health care provider to order the test (e.g., geneticist or genetic counselor).  A patient cannot order a genetic test for him/herself.
  • Determination of how payment for the test will be made – see Methods of Payment.
  • Completed requisition form for the patient – Download Forms.
  • Sample(s) of FFPE or Fresh Frozen Tissue – see Sample Types and Shipping Information.
  • Medical records, recent pathology/cytology reports, and any other molecular diagnostic or genetic assay results.
  • Copies of all paperwork retained in office.

Methods of Payment

Personalis, Inc. offers several billing options for our clients and their patients; however, we do not bill insurance companies and are unable to begin testing without accurate billing information.

Institutional Billing

Personalis, Inc. will bill the referring institution. First time ordering institutions will be contacted upon sample/requisition form* receipt to confirm billing options prior to beginning processing of the sample. For further assistance or information regarding institutional billing and payment options, please contact

*Please include the institution name, address, billing contact person, and phone number on the requisition form. Personalis, Inc. accepts checks (payable to Personalis, Inc.) and wire transfers.

Pre-Payment/Patient Pay

For direct patient billing, payment must be received before testing can begin. Personalis, Inc. accepts checks (payable to Personalis, Inc.), credit cards and wire transfers. If you have questions about other forms of pre-payment, please contact

Test Requisition Form

ATTENTION: If you are ordering the ACE CancerPlus Test through the VA Precision Oncology Program, please contact the VA Precision Oncology Program Manager for supplies and test requisition forms prior to shipping specimens at: 800-865-3384 Ext. 43387.

Sample Types

Clinical samples that may be submitted (request a collection kit in the sidebar on the right):

Clinical Sample Types
Type Specification
FFPE Unstained slides or tumor block; >20% tumor content
Fresh Frozen Tissue ≥ 30mg tissue; >20% tumor content; ship overnight with 5lbs of dry ice

For questions, please contact the Personalis Clinical Operations Team (650-752-1349 or

Shipping Information

Patient samples should be submitted in appropriate shipping containers with three unique identifiers matching between the requisition form and the sample.  Fill out the Request a Kit form (in the sidebar on the right) to request that a sample collection kit be provided to you.

Please send all samples with their appropriate forms to:

Personalis Clinical Laboratory
1330 O’Brien Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025


Personalis’ laboratory is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited.